“Really love that it’s a pocket sized, it allows me to keep my pack small”
- Dean Mabalot
“I have got the 2 units of 1TB Vivid. Great product! I love it!”
- Sanchai Thiewprasertkul
“I’ve tried it with my PC and it works great. It also works great with my smartphone a Samsungs S4″
- Elena
VIVID SSD – Your Personalized Ultra-Fast and Portable Solid State Drive!
Smaller Than You Think, Faster Than You Know, Personalised As You Like.
“Getting some pretty sweet transfer speeds on my mac”
- Caillin

VIVID SSD is an advanced portable storage device in a great variety of colours and a sturdy colorful aluminium case. Its USB3.0 and State Solid technology ensures you are getting the fastest file transfer speeds and never interrupted by data storage space issues. Keep your VIVID SSD handy in your briefcase, laptop, IPhone case or even in the back pocket to access your on the go!
VIVID SSD also comes with free laser engraving in 64 colour combinations so you can add your personal touch!

Manage Data the New Way

VIVID SSD is a worry free portable flash drive that you can take anywhere! Designed for an IT-enthusiast, video, music and media professionals so you will never again run out of storage space again.

Now you can own the extremely small and powerful portable drive which you designed yourself to truly reflect your personality to store your photos or music library.

VIVID SSD Difference
“Received the VIVID SSD. Am very thrilled by the size of it. Great job you guys did there!”
- Emhedge
Ultra Compact Form Factor
Built to Fit!
Only 4 cm x 6.7 cm x 1 cm, Small form factor makes VIVID SSD an excellent “on the go” storage drive
Mix&Match Colour Combinations to Match Your Personality
Mix&Match Colors: 64 Color Combinations: 8 for front x 8 for back. VIVID SSD truly comes in colour and style, it is the opposite of boring.
Personalization with Free Laser Engraving
Showcase your individuality with free laser engraving with every VIVID SSD purchase. Make a VIVID SSD truly yours!
Light-Weight Unibody Aluminum Case. Smooth and Robust
High-quality unibody anodized aluminum case. Smooth aluminum finish which not only looks great with your favorite laptop but is also great heat spread material.
Solid State Technology for the Best Performance with No Moving Parts
State Solid Drive Technology (SSD) is currently the fastest storage technology available. Paired with USB 3.0 no wonder it has the WOW factor
USB 3.0 Port Means Rapid Transfer to Other Devices
USB 3.0 connectivity together with SSD technology allows to achieve ultimate file transfer speeds (up to 460 MB/s). Back up and transfer mountains of data in a fraction of the time.

Scratch, Dust, Drop Proof Case Protects Your Data Everywhere and Every Time
Rugged and extremely tough. No moving parts packed in 2mm thick high grade aluminum case, its ready for when you need it most.
250GB, 500GB & 1TB Capacities to Store Everything
250GB, 500GB and 1TB Capacity. Choice of three capacities to meet any data requirements you might have. For any space requirements, the VI VIDSSD offers incredible performance.
Compatibility On Your Terms Be It MAC or PC or Both
Cross platform: PC and MAC. No matter what is your preferred platform, VIVID SSD will work like charm, just “plug and play”

Piece of Mind: The Longest Warranty for Portable Flash Storage on the Market
5 Years Limited Warranty. VIVID SSD is made out of best components and is extremely indestructible, that why it has the longest warranty in its class

Secure Payments
Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident you will enjoy your VIVID SSD that we will refund the full amount for any products (less postage fee) that have not met our promise, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. The only thing we request is that our customers advise us within 14 days of receiving delivery.
What’s in the Box
Vivid SSD Portable Drive is the best choice for creative professionals in video and music industry or for personal use.

inbox ssd
VIVID SSD Portable Drive
20 cm USB 3.0 Cable
VIVID SSD Portable Drive
20 cm USB 3.0 Cable

Technical Specifications
VIVID SSD advantages over its existing competitors include great prices, design personalization, 5-year warranty, ultra-compact form factor and exceptional durability of the aluminium shell. We are different to our competitors because none combine top-end components, CNC machined unibody aluminum casing, multiple color options, personalization or an exceptional warranty.

Storage Type
Colours (Mix & Match)
Portable USB 3.0 Solid State Drive
Silver Black Red Green Beige Violet Blue Light Blue
USB 3.0 5Gbit/s
120, 250, 500 GB & 1TB
67 x 40 x 10 mm (2.6 x 1.6 x 0.4 inch)
Detailed Specifications
Synchronous MLC
TRIM, ECC, EMS protection, SMART
1 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less.
2 Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process.
Top Performance in Ultra Compact Stylish Colorful Case Personalized to Your Taste.